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Drone & Satellite Imagery

Drone & Satellite Imagery


The Agricane team uses aerial and satellite images to provide common backgrounds for analysis and development work. We use Landsat, ASTER, SPOT, Digital-Globe, DEM and climate images and surfaces with design software to develop the maps and survey information needed by our teams. Over a project cycle, image backgrounds progress from general (see (1)) to specific ((2) & (3)).


All our images & maps are projected onto standard geo-referenced GIS formats, to coordinate site climate analysis, land use planning, topographical surveys (4), soil surveys (5) and development design schedules. Our image support work falls into two main functions:


a. Site Resource Analysis (general > detailed)

  • Climate, Topography and Vegetation Cover Overviews

  • Access, Population, Land Use & Infrastructure Surveys

  • Soil Groupings, Reconnaissance & Detailed Mapping

b. Development Layouts (all geo-referenced)

  • Create Field Maps & Geo/UTM Guides for Project Areas

  • Preliminary Topographic Surveys & Drainage Layouts

  • Develop Background Images for Development Designs

Note : All satellite & aerial images are verified by actual site work (through topographic & soil surveys & project designs).
Agricane also provides image analysis support - eg. ASTER PCA analysis followed by field soils mapping, and moisture or vegetation index analysis of multi-spectral data.

Agricane positions images and data for a variety of design platforms, the most common being :

  • Engineering Design - AutoDesk, AutoCAD, SolidWorks, etc.

  • Surveying & Land-Forming - ModelMaker, OptiSurface, etc

  • GIS & Mapping - ArcGIS, GlobalMapper, MapMaker, etc.

Note : Many development projects have unique local geographical systems (eg. ARC1960, NAD83, WGS84, GoogleMap) which conform to local standards. Agricane can provide images and data support for almost any projection system against any datum system.


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