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Agricane has carried out many small studies from resource surveys and soil analyses to due diligence studies in 24 countries in Africa, including most of Southern and Central African states and a few countries in West Africa. Some of the larger scope works are detailed below.

EcoFarm, Mozambique (2021)

Technical due diligence on an existing irrigated organic sugarcane estate, including the comment and review of the proposed expansion of an additional 1 000ha under out-grower co-operative arrangement. The assignment entailed reviewing the agronomic practices, bulk water supply and infield irrigation systems, as well as the harvesting and transport logistics.

Project Citrus, Botswana (2020/21)

Technical and Commercial due diligence for a new greenfield 1 200ha citrus orchard including the establishment of a packhouse in Selebi Phikwe, Botswana. The project was to be developed in two phases – Phase 1 is 800ha and Phase 2 400ha. All commercial and marketing aspects of this project were reviewed.

Fairtrade Impact Study – Mauritius (2020 - ongoing)

This is an evaluative study to assess whether the adoption of Fairtrade standards and the journey with Fairtrade has brought about change and improvement in the sugar cane landscape in Mauritius from Fairtrade farm level up to a change at country level.

Crop Diversification Study, South Africa (2020)

A study to identify potential alternatives to sugarcane in the South African sugar industry. The assignment included identifying suitable areas for respective crops with the cane growing areas on the industry. Gross margin analysis for each crop was carried out and comparted against sugarcane for each region within the industry.

Macadamia Project – Technical Due Diligence, Malawi (2020)

Carried out a technical due diligence on a proposed 2 000ha irrigated Macadamia project in Malawi. This entailed converting rain fed tobacco lands to irrigated macadamias under drip irrigation.  A detailed analysis was carried out on the project capital and operating costs.

Lenders Technical Advisor – Barahona, Dominican Republic (2018 - ongoing)

Provide technical and advisory support to a local financial institution, as part of their loan agreement to a sugar company for the rehabilitation of an irrigated sugarcane estate and upgrades and modifications of the sugar mill.

Feasibility study for an investment project in the sugarcane sector in the Cienfuegos region, Cuba (2018-2020)

The promotion of renewable resources for electricity production from co-generation through the modernization of the sugar factory plant. This included assessing the existing cane operations and making recommendations to increase the overall cane yields and improve overall operating efficiencies. The overall area was 40,000ha forecast to produce 2 million tons of sugarcane.

Exagris - Malawi (2016)

Aerial drone imagery with 1 200ha irrigation and drainage design for nine commercial farms for row cropping throughout Malawi.

Malawi Mangoes - Malawi (2015 – 2016)

Provided backward integration of drainage requirements and construction for the two drip irrigated farms totalling 1 300ha for bananas and mangoes

Sinde Farms - Zambia (2015-2016)

Commissioned to carry out drone imagery and micro-jet irrigation designs for a 750ha phase 1 macadamia plantation.

Presscane And Ethco Expansion (2015)

Carrying out the agricultural expansion for both of Malawi’s ethanol factories to source their own feedstock.

Mafambisse - Mozambique (2015 –2016)

Carried out a drainage and irrigation review to provide a yield improvement plan for the home estate.

Coscharis Rice - Nigeria (2015)

Carried out soils, imagery and complete irrigation and land-forming design for the new 4 000 ha flood irrigated rice scheme in Anambra State. Construction underway.

Rufiji Rice Project - Tanzania (2015 – 2016)

Carrying out the soils and a pre-feasibility study for this 4 000ha paddy rice development in southern Tanzania.

Sukari - DRC (2014-15)

Review of sugar cane expansion strategy for Groupe Forrest and re-design of a 3 300ha farm with off-river storage.

Dangote Sugar Refineries - Nigeria (2014-15)

Rehabilitation Works. Involved in the irrigation and fields rehabilitation project to resuscitate the 4 000ha Levee blocks in Adamawa State.

Tropha Estates - Malawi (2013 – 2016)

Carried out resource analysis, aerial imagery and irrigation design for an 800 ha micro-jet irrigated macadamia plantation and 210 ha pivot development providing technical support during construction.

Kafue Sugar - Zambia (2013)

Carried out an assessment of the existing conditions and potential for the possible acquisition of the 7 000ha sugar enterprise on the Northern banks of the Kafue River.

Xinavane – Mocambique (2012)

Consultants employed to carry out a strategic study of all land and water opportunities within an 80km radius of Xinavane for both greenfield and brownfield expansion of sugarcane.

Nasho District Resource Analysis - Rwanda (2012)

Contracted to undertake a resource study of the Nasho region in Western Rwanda to analyse the potential for sugar production from the lakes off the Akagera river system. This included soils, irrigation, logistics, climate and yield consideration.

Triangle Development Options - Zimbabwe (2009 - 2010)

Consultants to Tongaat Hulett (Zimbabwe).   Analysis of development options for the Zimbabwe sugar industry - using existing & projected water supplies.  Work included project analysis from soil surveys to semi-detailed block designs for 5 000 ha of cane on Triangle and Mwanezana.

Borotou & Zuenoula Sugar Estates - Ivory Coast (2009)

Contracted to carry out Due-diligence investigation and report for Olam International as to the viability, sustainability and expansion potential for these 2 estates.

Energem Bio-Fuels - Moçambique (2008–2009)

Contracted to provided Consulting to develop 15 000ha of Jatropha in Southern Moçambique. This includes Bush-clearing, Land Preparation, Agronomy, Planning and GIS operations.

Moçambique Reconnaissance Survey, BP Plc – Moçambique (2007-2009).

Contracted by BP Alternative Energy Division to identify areas in Moçambique where at least 100 000ha could be developed to sugarcane over a period of about 20 years. This project should ultimately produce around 1 billion litres of ethanol per annum. The project required verifying the climate, the soils and water supplies are sufficiently adequate for a sustainable economic venture and understanding the associated social, environmental and infrastructural needs.

Zambia Sugar Ltd - Zambia (2006-2007)

Commissioned to carry out the furrow and drainage elements of a Front-End Package design and costing to develop 3 200ha of sugarcane for expansion to existing estate.

Markala Sugar Development, Mali, West Africa – Illovo (2006 - 2007)

Commissioned to carry out a Front-End Package to conceptually design and produce tender documents for Phase 1 (4 500ha) and extrapolate costs to develop from virgin land 15,000ha of irrigated sugarcane development off the Niger River.

Chokwe Rice Development - Moçambique (2006)

Carried out a preliminary study for Mocfer SARL to design and cost for budget purposes the bulk water systems required to develop 13 000ha of rice from the existing canal system off the Limpopo River in Southern Mozambique.

Kinyara Sugar Estate, Gov of Uganda - Uganda (2002, 2005, 2006)

Due Diligence Reviews   sub-consultants to Imara (Botswana & Malawi) for Priv.Unit. Conducted site studies of the farming systems, field and milling equipment and management structures and analysed the current capacities of KSWL and proposed expansion plans - including outgrowers. Site and expansion reviews repeated in 2005 and tender evaluations reviewed in 2006.

Zambia Sugar Ltd, Mazabuka, Illovo - Zambia (2006 - 2007)

Commissioned to carry out the furrow and drainage elements of a Front-End Package design and costing to develop 3 200ha of sugarcane for expansion to existing estate.

Malawi Strategy Following Eu Sugar Reforms, EU – Malawi (2006)

Complete a study on the mitigation measures including expansion and improved competitiveness to counter the effects of the loss of the preferential market for sugar into EU.

Zimbabwe Strategy Following Eu Sugar Reforms, EU – Zimbabwe (2006-2007)

Contracted to supply agronomy support for a study on the mitigation measures including expansion and improved competitiveness to counter the effects of the loss of the preferential market for sugar into EU.

Markala Sugar Project Feasibility Study, TSB, Illovo - Mali (2005 - 2008)

TSB and Illovo Carried out due diligence study to determine the viability of establishing 15 000ha of irrigation from the Niger river for sugar development.

Lomaz Sugar Project, Tongaat Hulett Ltd - Zimbabwe (1995 - 1997)

Project Agricultural Consultants for Farmers and Tongaat Hulett Ltd Consulting to the project board on all aspects relating to the establishment of 8 500ha of commercial sugarcane grown by private farmers. Work included the production of a bankable viability report to source the funding required for the farmers, planning of irrigation and the cane haulage practices, the establishment of the 300ha nursery.

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