Irrigation Technical Assistance, Wala, Usaid - Malawi (2009 – 2014)

Providing agricultural consultancy, training and development to the Wellness from Agriculture and Livelihoods Advancement Project to develop Irrigation schemes in 8 Districts in the Southern Region. Irrigation technology includes simple river diversion works and gravity canal reticulation.

Mazabuka Cane Growers Trust, Manyonyo - Zambia (2013)

Contracted to complete the designs for the 500 ha small scale farmers furrow irrigation scheme initially funded by AfDB.

Guysuco, Eu- Guyana (2012)

Provided audit and drainage design works under EU adaptation strategies for the release of variable trance funding for the industry rescue plan.

Kascol, Eu - Zambia (2010)

Provided technical assistance for the enhancement and expansion of outgrower operations to implement EU adaptation strategies.

Mtibwa & Kilombero Outgrowers, Eu - Tanzania (2010-2011)

Provided technical assistance to both outgrower projects to implement EU adaptation strategies for an expansion of 7 000 ha of sugar cane.

Improved Livelihoods Programme (I-Life) Usaid, Malawi (2005-2009)

Provision of technical support and capacity building to technical field staff from 7 NGO consortiums working in 7 Districts in Malawi on irrigation designs and implementation of small-scale schemes (900ha). Irrigation technology includes simple river diversion works and gravity canal reticulation.

Sugar Outgrower Capacaity Building Project, Eu - Malawi (2010-2012)

Contracted as Technical Assistance Consultancy for design, development and delivery of training materials through a TOT programme for outgrower farmers with the aim to improve productivity of outgrower sugar farmers in Kasinthula and Dwangwa. Funded by EU and implemented by Concern Universal

Tea Smallholder Support Programme, Solidaridad - Malawi (2009-2011)

Contracted for design, development and delivery of training materials through a TOT programme for tea smallholders in Mulanje and Thyolo Districts in Southern Malawi. The overall objective of the project is to improve smallholder tea production and to achieve product certification with leading certification bodies. Funded by DE Foundation, implemented by Solidaridad.

Addax Bio-Energy Project - Sierra Leone (2009 – 2014)

Contracted to supply basic training needs for machine operators for the operations for this 10 000ha development.

Mumias Sugar Company - Kenya (2008 – 2011)

Agricane was contracted by the largest sugar producing company in East Africa to provide Management Staff to assist with a strategy to improve sugarcane yields for both the Nuclear Estate and the Out Growers. This also includes the supply of professional services of Engineering, GIS, Agronomy and Training to back up the management supplied on site.

Alumenda Estate  Management, Illovo, Nchalo Estate – Malawi (2003 – 2008)

Training – 5-year contract to 2008 To provide full time personnel to undertake the estate agricultural training programme to develop an agricultural training manual and institute a training programme for all levels of staff employed

Dwangwa Sugar Estate, Illovo - Malawi (2004 - 2009)

Irrigation Training of all Dwangwa Estate senior staff over 5 years

Carry out selected agronomic investigations on behalf of Fields management with the aim of improving crop condition and health, and supply the framework for irrigation training and deliver this training to all senior levels of field staff at Dwangwa Estate.

Nchalo Sugar Estate, Illovo - Malawi (2007 - 2009)

General Training of all Estate lower management and supervisor level staff personnel - over 2 years. Supply the staff, materials and framework for irrigation and agronomic training and deliver this training to targeted field staff as requested by the estate management.

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