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Bio Fuels

Agricane Bio-Fuels division is an extension of all other parts of our service offering which specialises in planning and implementation of Bio-Fuel projects according to the principles of Economic Viability, Environmental Sustainability and Social Beneficiation. Agricane is involved with installation of one of the first and largest pure bio-fuel operations from sugarcane to ethanol in Africa.

Agricane has been involved with the following Bio-fuel production systems –

  • Sugarcane to Ethanol

  • Bagasse to Power

  • Bana Grass to Power

  • Jatropha to Bio-Diesel

  • Palm Oil to Bio-diesel

Agricane offers the following services to Bio-fuel development :

  • Pre project planning and feasibility

  • Assistance with management of statutory requirements, EIS and ESIA

  • Identification of Bio-diesel and ethanol feedstock and production methods

  • Estate planning and layout through GIS Mapping and survey services

  • Mechanisation planning and solutions

  • Irrigation planning and solutions

  • Project implementation through land identification and development

  • Value added production solutions

  • Waste management solutions

  • Contractor management and control

  • Land Clearing and Preparation

  • Estate and field layout.

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