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Bulk Water Engineering

Agricane realises that at the start of any sizeable irrigation installation there is the Bulk Water supply conveyance system. We undertake these designs as a specialist requirement for the agricultural business and adapted civil engineering to suit agricultural applications. Our design team has professional civil engineering status, who are currently accredited with the South African Institute of Civil Engineers.

We have designed and managed the construction of large to small schemes off rivers, weirs and dams. We have also designed and managed the construction of irrigation dams and weirs. Our systems have included conveyance through both lined and unlined canals as well as various types of piping like steel, PVC, Polyethylene and GRP.

We pride ourselves in advancing the appropriate technology of floating pump-stations for applications where the upstream head varies during the cropping season. This has given great benefit to farms on flood plains where the solution has been both economic and very robust during flood conditions.

The remoteness of many of our schemes has meant that serious consideration be given to systems which are simple to maintain and geared to the local skills level. At the forefront of our designs are the considerations of management. We believe that irrigation management practises have far greater effect on yield and crop viability than irrigation type selection.

Our team understands the practical application of crop requirements on Bulk Water supplies giving due consideration to harvesting and seasonal changes in the water demand for the crops.

We are specialists in the design and construction of practical structures for estate and farm logistics including low-level bridges and various culverts and causeways.

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