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Agricultural Training

Agricane is respected regionally for its expertise in the field of agricultural management and training, and it assures both high quality and timeous' delivery. Due to the fact that many of our staff have had in-line management experience in operations, agricultural production training has become a recent service that we provide and we offer a revolutionary and innovative approach to this discipline.

We believe that the only successful method of training individuals is to expose them beyond just theoretical work and involve them deeply with appropriate practical objectives combined with continual assessments - all linked to expose the Trainee to a holistic training experience.

By combining integrated training methods through this holistic approach and utilising regional expertise, Agricane offers companies, Small-growers and Commercial farmers cost effective training solutions which are appropriate and of consistent high quality.

Tailor made programmes

Agricane appreciates that not all training requirements are the same and only develops training programmes with the Client so as to tailor-make them to target the Trainee under their conditions.

Agricane believes that training costs must be recovered through increased productivity and/or lower production costs and delivers training programmes accordingly with measurable results.

Our holistic approach covers the following -

  • Theoretical - Back to basics

  • Senior Grower Modules

  • Small-grower Level Modules

  • Continual Assessments

  • Final Assessments and Evaluations

Re-focus Agricane firmly believes that re-training is required to re-focus one towards the latest practices that have evolved since primary training. In this way one is able to keep up with the current production practices established in the industry.

Resources Agricane personnel are well experienced in cane management and production in the region and come from a high production driven background at minimum cost levels. We are particularly well experienced with the management and training of Small Scale Fanners. Our training courses are flexible enough to accommodate local conditions and practices but at the same time concentrating on improving production and lowering operational costs.

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