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Irrigation & Drainage Engineering

Agricane has designed over 150,000ha of irrigation systems in Africa in the last 16 years. These have included furrow systems, paddy systems for rice, overhead systems such as Centre pivot and sprinklers as well as drip and floppy systems. Our credibility lies with the fact that most of our senior professionals have had in-line management experience of actual successful operations.

We endlessly explore the most water efficient, cost effective, energy efficient and practical systems for both large plantation developments and small-grower developments. We have developed our own unique irrigation selection matrix derived from the culmination of over 100 years of our experts experience pooled together.

Our experience covers Mega schemes of over 150,000ha to 15,000ha sugarcane and rice development to ultimately small 10ha remote vegetable schemes for small-growers.

Agricane understands that for small-grower schemes the design parameters used must be very different to the level of management and maintenance associated with large scale schemes. All schemes need to take cognisance of social and environmental aspects and Agricane has now developed over 5,000ha of successful and sustainable small-grower schemes in Southern and Central Africa.

Our team understands the practical application of crop requirements using both Pan evaporation and the Penman-Monteith formulas and have a clear understanding of irrigation management during complete crop rotations.

At the forefront of our designs are the considerations of management. We believe that irrigation management practises have far greater effect on yield and crop viability than irrigation type selection.

Agricane has the capability to provide a full range of service on irrigation and drainage from feasibilities, through to design & implementation and has the capacity to manage the operations should this be a requirement.

We understand through experience that successful irrigation can only be practised in conjunction with drainage as sustainable yields in most crops can only be achieved with optimal soil moisture status.

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