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Land Surveying

Agricane is committed to providing an efficient and experienced Survey Team to any agricultural development. It is capable of achieving the demanding standards required within agriculture and general surveying needs. The industry requirements for a more modern approach to land surveying have been borne out with the introduction of electronic survey data gathering and the use of GPS equipment.

Canesurvey Ltd, a subsidiary of Agricane Ltd provides precise, timeous and detailed land survey information to meet agricultural, construction, mining and cadastral demanding standards. Our dedicated Land Survey Team of highly qualified and experienced professionals use modern survey techniques and processing software to deliver accurate land information.

Our qualified and experienced Land Surveyors aided with state of the art data acquisition equipment, are placed all over Africa engaged in land development activities for the agricultural, construction and mining sectors..

From 1997 we have been the industry leaders in introducing laser-controlled and GPS land levelling at a commercial level in agriculture in Africa.

Effective agricultural drainage works now require highly accurate survey data to become effective. The marginal costs associated with full surface drainage works is always justified economically through increased yields, uniformity and general

Irrigation and drainage work can now be more accurately designed as well as installed using these methods. Land levelling and drainage have never been more cost sensitive as it is today and automated levelling paves the way forward to cost effective land forming, previously a rough science.

Services Offered

  • GPS Detail and Topographical Surveys

  • Layout and Monitoring of Infrastructure Development

  • Drainage Design and Development

  • GPS and Laser Land Levelling

  • GIS Design and Implementation

  • Ground Control Beacons for Aerial Surveys

  • Mine Production Bulk Surveys

  • Cadastral Development Surveys

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