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Through the development and replanting of thousands of hectares in many different situations the Agricane team can offer mechanisation solutions to most projects. The team is led by Mike von Kaufmann who is a mechanisation specialist with many years of experience in tropical and sub-tropical agriculture in a wide range of environments and crops with solutions to match all requirements from the conventional methods to innovative out of the box solutions.

Over the years Agricane have developed strong links with most of the leading equipment manufacturers and distributors across Africa and so can advise on selection, pricing and service backup.

Our knowledge covers all aspects of agriculture covering –

  • Bush-clearing options

  • Land Preparation

  • Land Forming/Levelling

  • Earth canal and dam structures

  • Drainage works

  • Farm Road construction

  • Flood barrier and dyke construction

  • Tillage and Planting operations

  • Harvest and Haulage operations.

Agricane Mechanisation offers the following services:

  • Feasibility level Mechanisation Plans

  • Pre project planning and costing

  • Selection, procurement and commissioning of equipment

  • Innovative solutions to problems and tasks

  • Operational cost control and plant hire management

  • Contractor fleet control and project management

  • Appropriate mechanisation of manual tasks

  • Fleet selection, sizing and management options

  • Workshop and service support requirements

  • Equipment work rates, capacity and fleet sizing to match the task

  • Time and motion studies

  • Staff and Operator development and training.

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