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Agricane began in 1996 when a group of young Agricultural specialists, who each had over 12 years of experience in large scale organised agricultural operations in Southern Africa, saw the demand for good practical knowledge transfer in rural Africa. The company has grown almost every year of its existence and with that has come great diversity, new skills and cutting-edge technologies.

Agricane have worked in over 20 countries in Africa and we have formed Subsidiary companies in Zimbabwe, Malawi, South Africa, Tanzania, Sierra Leone and Moçambique to tackle the multitude of opportunities presented. To date this includes the development of over 40,000ha of irrigated agriculture covering Sugarcane, Rice, Alphalpha and various row crops. We are specialists in Small-grower developments and land use evaluation and planning. We have worked together and are accredited vendors with EU, World Bank, AfDB and many other DFI organisations.

Our irrigation and drainage engineering capability is backed by years of practical development using a wide variety of modern methods available and we have a very experienced Agricultural Mechanisation capability which has valuable experience in Land Forming and Precision Farming.

Agricane has developed a subsidiary in AgriSense which has a unique remote sensing and survey capability focussed on agriculture. We carry out Satellite, Drone, and land survey to develop a range of products from 3D imagery to NDVI and GIS mapping for land use planning. We back this up through a tailor made computer App which helps farmers to understand and utilise this resource.

Agricane is actively pursuing its strategy to provide a service to Bio-Fuel development through support in expanding opportunities for Ethanol from Sugarcane and power generation from Biomass in Africa. Agricane combines an understanding of theoretical biomass conversions with practical development experience and industry associates to provide holistic project support.

In recent years Agricane have opened a commercial development company Agricane Commercial Holdings to improve the opportunities for small-scale farmers in Africa to add value to their raw products through processing of high quality exportable food-stuff.

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