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Land Forming

The Agricane team is regionally regarded as leaders when it comes to furrow and flood irrigation, based on many years of proven experience in the irrigated cane and rice industries. Furrow and flood irrigation needs highly accurate land forming to be cost effective and a deep understanding of the relationship between soils and water uptake in the design considerations.

Rice Paddy agriculture falls into a similar bracket using the gravity fed distribution of water and flooding concepts.

Agricane will carry out the following

  • Conceptual irrigation and drainage design

  • Detailed land survey

  • Full irrigation and drainage design and costings

  • Implementation/installation of GPS/Laser levelling works

Land forming makes use of highly accurate survey data and software processing to optimise cuts and fills so that no unnecessary soil movements are carried out. With over 15,000 hectares of experience behind us, Agricane have taken traditional land levelling to a new level with the latest in laser & GPS levelling and land forming.

Our staff are very accustomed to the realities of practical problems in the field and are conversant with the aspects of heavy plant and their associated management. Our laser-levelled schemes speak for themselves in terms of yield performance and ease of management.

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